2021 Warrnambool Show

Saturday, 30th October 2021

Cancellation of Warrnambool Show 2021

Presidents Statement.
It is with great regret that on behalf of the committee of The Warrnambool Agricultural Society Inc that I am now informing every one of our very difficult decision to cancel our 2021 show.
This is the second consecutive year we have had to cancel this great event and it was not an easy decision for us to make. This decision has not been taken lightly, but due to the current Covid climate and on-going restrictions we feel this is now our only option. 
We took into account, first and foremost, the health and safety of all our stakeholders which includes, the general public, store holders, entertainers, volunteers, sponsors’, community groups, competitors, support staff and our own committee and felt that making this decision was the safest for all involved.
Planning for a show the size of ours is a very big financial commitment and also takes 12 months of planning and a lot of man hours to undertake. We did not want to continue on with the planning for this year’s show and get to the week of the show and have to pull the rug out from under everyone which would be a more difficult situation for all. 
We thank all our sponsors, stall holders, entertainers, community groups, competitors, volunteers and everyone else that had already committed to being involved in this year’s show and we hope that you all will be keen to come on board next year and make 2022 as big or better than ever. 
It is a team effort to put an event like ours on and we have a wonderful extended team supporting our show. Our thoughts are with everyone in this difficult time especially those that make their living out of events like ours and we understand how heart breaking these decisions can be for many people. 
On behalf of the committee we would just like to say if you are struggling with the situation at the moment, or at any time, please pick up the phone and seek help or talk to a mate. Our thoughts go out to everyone who is affected and we are always here to support our extended family where we can.
Yours Truly
Jason Callaway
Warrnambool Agricultural Society Inc

Warrnambool Agricultural Society Inc.