Monthly Archives June 2017

VAS Competitions

As most of you are aware, VAS Ltd have a lot of competitions at your local show. This year we have some new VAS Ltd competitions for you to enter as well as some old favourites.

The VAS Ltd competitions are:
*Senior Photography – theme “SUNRISE/SUNSET”
*Junior Photography – theme “SPIDER WEB”
*Rich Fruitcake
*Carrot Cake
*Junior Boiled Fruit Cake
*Junior Carrot & Date Muffins
*Champion Dairy Exhibitor – awarded to Junior Champion Heifer
*Champion Horse – awarded to Champion Galloway
*Champion Beef Exhibitor
*Champion sheep Exhibitor
*Champion Poultry Exhibitor – awarded to Best Bird In Show
*Champion Junior Poultry Exhibitor – awarded to Best Junior Bird In Show

We hope that the VAS Ltd competitions will entice you to enter and try your hand at getting into the State Finals.

New Home Brew Section

Yes you did read the heading correctly. This year we have a brand new section at this years Show. We want to see what our local, district and regional brewers can do.

There are four classes you can enter – Larger, Hybrids/English/Scottish/Irish Ales, Brown Porter/Stouts/Strong Ale and finally German Wheat/Rye Beer/Belgian Ale/French Ale

Would you like to be crowned Champion Brewer or have your beer named Best In Show?

To have a look at the schedule for this competition, please go to the 2017 Schedules page where you can read all about it.