Cancellation of 2020 Warrnambool Show

The Warrnambool Show will not be held in its current format in 2020. The Committee of The Warrnambool Agricultural Society has made this decision with great regret due to the current Covid-19 environment. We will investigate options for holding a smaller event if government restrictions allow. We are only in the early stages of looking into this and it may not eventuate, but we will keep all our stakeholders informed as we go.


This decision was not made lightly and the committee has had some long discussions on the issue. First and foremost is the health and safety of all our stakeholders given the current risks of Covid-19. Also, we could not foresee future restrictions associated with Covid-19. We were also concerned in the current tightened financial climate about seeking sponsorship and asking patrons to spend up at the show. A lot of volunteer hours and financial investment need to be committed to putting on the Warrnambool Show, and we are at that time in the year when we would have to start making that commitment.


The Warrnambool Agricultural Society has a long and proud history as one of the longest running shows in Victoria and the committee strives every year to stage the best possible event that we can whilst still staying loyal to our agricultural roots. We hope for the continuing support from all our stakeholders as we attempt to get through this situation and look forward to putting on a great community event next year. We will notify all stakeholders as we go if we are able to put on a smaller event instead of our usual show this year.


The committee of The Warrnambool Agricultural Society hopes everyone stays safe and well.